Adina Grigore

Who are you and what do you do for a living?!

I am the CEO and founder of an all-natural skincare line I created/formulated/live for, called S.W. Basics.


Weekday routines involve….

I always wake up later than I want to, in a total panic. Every day I decide I’m going to cut this out, but I still haven’t. So around 9 or 10 am, I check my phone first thing, and realize there are already a trillion things I have to do or fix, and then I’m stressed and awake. Then I have iced coffee to wake my brain up. I do a morning round of email, then usually some calls, then try to work out and have lunch, then back to work (emails, writing, R&D), then dinner, then back to work. That’s what messes up the morning, that I’m up until basically the morning doing work!

Eggs in different ways, or something else like it

Most days I eat breakfast. Usually eggs in different ways. Like a boiled egg today, the other day scrambled with avocado, greek yogurt, and turkey. But yesterday morning I had two whole grain fig newton bars. Sometimes just the coffee. Depends on meetings, calls, and how late it is by the time I remember I’ve been doing work but haven’t eaten!


“We’re slight junkies…”

Weekday reading/information ingestion is accidentally about research. I say accidentally because I never noticed until just now. We listen to WNYC a lot, I read a ton of blogs, articles, and sections of new wellness books. Everything relates to skincare, wellness, food, new science in all of these areas. Right now I’m doubling up on The Virgin Diet and The Beauty Detox Solution. At night we usually binge out on some show, we’re slight junkies. We just finished the first season of Orange is the New Black. Epic.


We reminisce about stress…constantly

Right when we wake up on the weekend Adam (my fiance and business partner) and I talk about how stressed out we are for like two hours.

A little of this, a little of that

Then we do laundry. Maybe brunch? Go lay out in park until we get too hot. Come home and do work.

We eat all of it

We’re much fancier with breakfast on the weekends. We’ll make fried eggs and grits, or omelets, give in and go out because we live in The Brunch Mecca of the world. There’s Manhattan Inn, Enid’s, Five Leaves, The Bedford, Sweet Chick, all within a 10 minute walk! Impossible to resist.


What we listen to/read/watch while we cook up our product (this is vegan skincare, not Breaking Bad!)

We often have to make product on weekends so we’ll fill that time with RadioLab or This American Life. On weekends I read non-work related stuff. Right now I’m reading 2012′s Best American Short Stories. Weekends are when we’ll really binge on shows (weeknights we limit ourselves to one or two episodes of something, weekends if Adam doesn’t stop us I could seriously watch a full season of something). Our current obsessions are Bob’s Burgers, Archer, I’m re-watching Dawson’s Creek for who knows what reason, Louie, Veep. We feel a very large void in our lives waiting on Mad Men, Game of Thrones, House of Cards, The League, New Girl and now Orange is the New Black. Wait. Do we have a problem? Whatever, don’t care. Plus we don’t have cable so we only stream things. That seems better somehow?

What’s freedom?

Seriously I don’t even know what it feels like anymore to think of the weekend as a ‘free” time. If we do not leave town, then we do work. I never ever let a whole day pass without doing something for the business. In my mind the trade off is that someday I will have done this enough to earn more free time. BUT. Let’s say I’m on vacation for real. Then I’d be at a beach. And eating a lot. Like a lot a lot.

The Ideal Week-ender

On my best Sundays I get enough work done for Monday to not be insane. Does this interview sound so depressing? I’m driven by my lifestyle, I swear. But really I like when Adam and I have time to read before bed, or I’ve gotten to talk to my sister. And had a really good dinner. And watched some crazy awesome show. It’s all very predictable.